Gaggia: Accademia Coffee Machine


Gaggia: Accademia Coffee Machine

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Gaggia: Accademia Coffee Machine:

  • Adjustable Dispensing Head
  • Adjustable Espresso
  • Integrated Cup Warmer
  • Automatic Cappuccino
  • Ground Coffee Compartment
  • Personalize Machine Buttoms
  • Ceramic Grinder
  • Espresso Pre-Brewing
  • Pressure of 15 Bar
  • Digital Display
  • Dual Boiler coffee machine
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Gaggia: Accademia Coffee Machine:

Gaggia Accademia Prestige is a fully automatic Coffee Machine.  It has inbuilt milk frother and colour display.  One of the best Coffee Machine for your Latte, Macchiato, Cappuccino and Espresso Drinks.

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Beverages Variety

Espresso, Hot Water, Lungo, Latte, Cappuccino, Macchiato.

Main Features

Capacity Water: 1.6 L
Milk Tank: 0.6 L
Beans Can: 350 gms
Pump Pressure: 15 Bar
Energy: 230V 50HZ 1500W
Body: Steel


In 1930 Achille Gaggia used to work at his family’s coffee bar, “Caffè Achille”, in Milan. While at job, he realised the clients’ preferences were changing. Thus, he started working on improving the entire coffee extraction process, for a better flavor and look. For instance, the coffee was bitter at that time.  Achille used to say it was similar to “walking into a foggy Milan”. Thereafter, he started studying and experimenting the new extraction processes and searching for the perfect espresso.

Achille then met engineer Antonio Cremonese. Like Achille, Antonio had the desire to improve coffee extraction.  Further, Achille was able to refine his studies and invented the “a torchio” system (renamed “Lampo”).  Above all, the new system abandoned the use of steam. As a result, baristas could control accurately the process by which hot water under pressure passed through ground coffee.

On Sept. 5, 1938, Achille filed the patent no. 365726 for “Lampo”. This process used hot water pressure instead of steam and prepared a delicious espresso. The espresso had a soft layer on top called “crema naturale”.  This moment marks the beginning of the modern era of espresso. This was a true revolution!

The Gaggia company was founded in 1947 and formally incorporated in 1948. It first produced machines for commercial use, but shortly started manufacturing Gilda, the first home machine

Over the years, Gaggia has continuously worked on improving the espresso coffee extraction.  This allowed Gaggia to create beautiful, timeless products inspired by fashion, design and culture of the day.  Since then, Gaggia has been supplying both bars and homes with innovative coffee machines. As a result, Gaggia is now renowned in the world for its beautiful espresso machines. For more about Gaggia, read here.




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Dimensions 415 × 458 × 312 cm



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