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In 2006 a group of people came together and combined their knowledge and experience in different fields. The Group established a Company by the name D.I.D. Srl.   The Company set its target to produce high-quality design "instruments" for the Ho.Re.Ca. business.

The company believes that coffee is a worldwide experience and a socio-cultural symbol, rather than a consumer product. This is why the Company focuses on the professional and personal espresso coffee machines.

The Company started manufacturing a collection of espresso coffee machines under the name  "Orchestrale". The theme was based a poem  or a collection spirit. The historical and indivisible bond between the great cultures of coffee and music in the Italian tradition inspire these machines.

Orchestrale Espresso Machines are professional espresso and cappuccino machines. The Company makes the machines in Italy including the technology, components such as the E61 groups and the frame.

Orchestrale pays homage to the music because music is a connection among people similar to coffee. Orchestrale machines are like a great conductor of orchestra that extract the best blends like symphonies.

The Coffee industry is receptive, selective and refined, hence the Company proposes beauty, quality, innovation and high quality contents to stay ahead in the industry.  Furthermore, referring to a niche market of the coffee world, it assesses every kind of accessories and espresso coffee machines customization from technical and aesthetic aspects. The Company focuses on customer satisfaction, in particular for those people who are sensitive to the value of the "made in Italy" craftsmanship, technology and design.